Our National Anthem

Choose one or more 
of the sites below 
to hear the 
Star-Spangled Banner.

Download the worksheet
below and fill in the 
missing words for the 
Star-Spangled Banner.

Explore some of the sites 
below to learn about 
the history of the
Star-Spangled Banner.

  NIEHS Kids
The Star-Mangled Banner
  printable version
  Ben's Guide
  Smithsonian Site
  Star-Spangled History
  More History
  The Flag House
  Home of the Heroes

Download the worksheet
below and choose the 
correct answers to show 
you know the history of 
the Star-Spangled Banner.

Visit the sites below to 
learn the correct etiquette 
for whenever the 
Star-Spangled Banner 
is performed.

Download the worksheet 
below and match vocabulary  you will find in the Star-Spangled Banner 
with definitions.

  Historically Speaking
  printable version
  Flag Etiquette
  How to Display the Flag
  Oh Say, Do You Know
           These Words?
  printable version

Listen to and learn about
national anthems from 
other countries by clicking 
on any of the sites below.

Download the test below 
to show that your are 
an expert on our 
national anthem!

Is there another patriotic song
 you think would make a 
better national anthem for 
the United States?  
Check out these sites.

  National Anthems Info
  National Anthems 
          of the World
  U.S. Navy Band Plays
  National Anthem MIDI files

  Star-Spangled Test
  printable version
  Star-Spangled Jeopardy

  Patriotic MIDI Tunes
  Patriotic Sing-Alongs
  More Chaplin-nest
  Name that Tune

  Click here for lesson plans to accompany this site.
Create your own slide show to tell the story of the Star-Spangled Banner by downloading these PowerPoint presentations and adding your own pictures and sounds.

Visit another site about
America's music



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