Ballad of the Boll Weevil

Southeast Region

This ballad tells the story of the difficulties of Southern tenant farmers and sharecroppers faced when this insect invaded their crops of cotton. Usually the boll weevil destroyed the crop, leaving the families who worked in the fields without any profit.


1.  The boll weevil is a little black bug,
Mexico , they say,
     Come all the way from
Texas ,
     Just to find a place to stay.

Refrain:          Just a-lookin’ for a home,
                        Just a-lookin’ for a home,
                        Just a-lookin’ for a home,
                        Just a-lookin’ for a home.

2.  The first time I seen boll weevil
     He was settin’ on the square.
     The next time I seen boll weevil,
     He had his whole family there.
Just a-lookin’ for a home, etc.

3.  The farmer took the boll weevil,
     He put him in the sand,
     The weevil say, “This is mighty hot,
     But I’ll stand it like a man.
This’ll be my home,” etc.

4.  The boll weevil say to the doctor,
     “You can throw out all them pills,
     ‘Cause when I get through with the farmer,
     Can’t pay no doctor bills.
Won’t have no home,” etc.

5.  The merchant got half the cotton,
     The boll weevil got the rest,
     Didn’t leave that farmer’s wife
     But one old cotton dress.
And it’s full of holes, etc.

6.  The farmer say to the merchant,
     “We ain’t made but one bale;
     And before we give you that one
     We’ll fight and go to jail.
We’ll have a home,” etc.

7.  If anyone should ask you
     Who it was that made this song,
     Just tell him it was a poor farmer,
     With a pair of overalls on.
Ain’t got no home, etc.

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