The Cowman's Lament

Southwest Region

Texas cowboys were rugged individuals who were used to living a life in the open spaces.  When the days of cattle drives ended, many turned to farming for a living.  Others moved on to Mexico where the life they were used to living still existed.  This song laments the passing of the cowboy era.


1.  I’m going to leave old Texas now,
     They’ve got no use for the longhorn cow.

2.  They’ve plowed and fenced my cattle range,
And the people there are all so strange.

3.  I’ve roped and tied the dogies small,
And listened for the coyote’s call.

4.  I’m gonna turn my back on the Texas sky,
     We’ll ride a way, old Paint and I.

5.  Say “Adios” to the friends I know,
I’ll hit the trail for Mexico .

You can find a version of this song in 
MacMillan/McGraw-Hill's Share the Music 3rd Grade.

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