Old Chisholm Trail

Southwest Region

This was perhaps the most popular trail song.  In this song, the listener learns all the problems and complaints and dreams that cowboys had.  This song was sung around the campfire.  The Chisholm trail was 220 miles long, and was the main trail from southern Texas to Abilene , Kansas .


1.  Foot in the stirrup and my hand on the horn,
     Iím the best darn cowboy ever was born.

Refrain:          Singing ki-yi yippee, yippee, yay, yippee yay,
                        Singing ki-yi yippee, yippee yay.

2.  Up every morning Ďfore daylight,
     And before I sleep the moon shines bright.  (Refrain)

3.  With a ten-dollar horse and a forty-dollar saddle,
     Iím going to
Texas for to punch them cattle.  (Refrain)

4.  Biscuits, bacon and beans most every day
     Iíd as soon be eatiní prairie hay.  (Refrain)

5.  I ride with my slicker and I ride all day
     And I pack along a bottle for to pass the time away.

6.  I went to the boss to draw my roll,
     And he had me figured out nine dollars in the hole.  (Refrain)

7.  Ropiní and a-typiní and a-brandiní all day,
     Iím workiní mighty hard for a-mighty little pay.  (Refrain)

8.  Now Iíve punched cattle from Texas to Maine ,
           And Iíve known some cowboys by their right name.  (Refrain)

9.  I never hankered for to plough or to hoe
     And punching steers is all I know.  (Refrain)

10.  With my feet in the stirrup and my seat in the sky,
       Herding dogies up in Heaven in the sweet by-and-by.  (Refrain)

You can find a version of this song in 
Silver Burdett's Making Music 8th Grade.

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