In AUSTRALIAN aboriginal music intricate patterns of pitch and rhythm are put together in a variety of combinations making syncopation (accents on the off beats giving a “jazzy” feel) common.  The music has little dynamic range (the louds and softs of music) and accent is created more by the length of the sound than loudness.
The most unique Australian instrument is the DIDGERIDOO.  It is a simple trumpet made of a tree branch that has been hollowed but today can also be made of plastic.  The didgeridoo is both blown and sung into.  The blowing produces a low-pitched basic tone (drone) created by loosely buzzing the lips.  To keep the drone going, the player inhales and expels air at the same time.  Vocalised tones are sung or spoken over the drone. 
Australia is also recognized for its famous Opera House in Sydney which was featured in the Disney film “Finding Nemo”!